Folder Structure

The generic folder structure is as follows:


This folder is intended for placing preprocessing libraries such as sass, coffeescript or haml. Simply create a folder with the associated name of the library such as sass/ and place configuration files on the same level. An example structure would look like:

├─ sass/
│  └─ base.sass
└─ config.rb


The config.rb is taken from Compass which can also be used for a native sass setup. However aldryn-boilerplate-bootstrap3 uses the Compass SCSS - format as default.


All layout specific files will be placed in this folder. The main folder structure includes:

├─ css/
├─ fonts/
├─ img/
├─ js/
└─ swf/

If folders are not required, just simply remove them. For demo content (which might be later integrated as media files) create a folder called dummy/, for example: static/img/dummy/ and place those images there. The dummy folder is intended to be removed before a website goes live.

When a structure might get more complicated, make use of grouping and create additional folders like static/img/icons or static/js/addons/jquery.


All Django templates should be allocated within the templates/ folder. This also applies for apps or inclusion files. When using Haml, set your configuration so the templates get compiled into /templates/.

The default index.html is always templates/base.html.

Global inclusion files are placed within templates/includes/. Addons normally have their own includes/ folder so they are not overcrowding the global folder.