What’s inside


This Boilerplate includes and configures a number of components.


For CSS pre-processing, we use Sass. In particular, we use:

All styles should be created in /private/sass, and will be compiled to /static/css.


The full Bootstrap library is imported via the Sass component and the JavaScript component.

The Glyhpicon icon set has been disabled in favour of the Font Awesome icon set.

Font Awesome

The Font Awesome library offers a larger and better variety of icons than the Bootstrap defaults. Additional utility classes are also available.

The library is similarly integrated as bootstrap-sass within the libs folder.


We are implementing the latest 2.x.x versions of jQuery as they are released. In addition we encourage the use of class.js, a simple library that helps out with the modular pattern in JavaScript.

In addition several commonly-used shims are available to you including:


We are currently implementing the select2.js bootstrap version as default addon.


We use Gulp to manage our frontend workflow.

Template Language

As this is a django CMS based boilerplate, naturally we are using the Django template language.

In order to implements assets efficiently, django-sekizai and aldryn-snake are implemented within the base_root.html template. This gives you the {% addtoblock "js" %}{% endaddtoblock %} and {% addtoblock "css" %}{% endaddtoblock %} template tags in addition to the django defaults.


{% load sekizai_tags %}
{% addtoblock "css" %}<link href="{% static 'css/theme.css' %}" rel="stylesheet">{% endaddtoblock %}
{% addtoblock "js" %}<script src="{% static 'libs/jquery.min.js' %}"></script>{% endaddtoblock %}


There are several configuration files included such as:

Please mind that they are ignored if your editor doesn’t support them.