You are very welcome improving this boilerplate for Aldryn and your everyday use, especially the documentation always needs love. Feel free to fork and send us pull requests and follow the guidelines from within this section.

Code of Conduct

  • Ensure code validates against or own guidelines
  • Write documentation about what you are doing
  • If you are not sure, just ask - join our community #aldryn on Freenode


To extend and run the documentation, you will need Python and Virtualenv installed on your computer. You also need Git and a GitHub account obviously.

In addition, follow the steps underneath to get them running:

  1. clone the repository using git clone
  2. navigate to the documentation through cd aldryn-boilerplate-bootstrap3/docs
  3. run make install to install additional requirements
  4. run make run to let the server run

Now you can open http://localhost:8000 on your favourite browser and start changing the rst files within docs/.

You need to be aware of reStructuredText to format the documentation properly.


  • Always start paths with a / and leave the trailing slash.
  • Leave two spaces before a title.
  • Write “Django”, “django CMS” or “Aldryn”.
  • Write names properly: Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript instead of sass (or SASS), bootstrap and javascript.
  • Additional guidelines from django CMS apply.

Pull Requests

Before starting to work on issues or features, please mind the branching model:

  • master is used for hotfix releases (1.1.x)
  • develop is used for features and issues (1.x.x)

Everything that is merged to develop will be released within the next proper release (1.x.x). Major releases (x.0.0) will have their own branches but are always merged to develop before releasing to master.

A pull request needs the consent of two developers familiar with this repository to be merged.