Basic usage

Once installed in an Aldryn or django CMS project, Aldryn Boilerplate Bootstrap 3 is ready to use.

In your project

See Templates for guidelines on how to set up your project templates so that they take advantage of what it has to offer.

Fundamentally, if your project’s templates inherit from the base.html template, they’ll be furnished with the classes, elements, hooks and other things they need.

In your applications

Your applications, if they are aware of Aldryn Boilerplate Bootstrap 3, can also take advantage of it.

You could simply make your application assume that Aldryn Boilerplate Bootstrap 3 will be available. That’s not ideal though, because it will be off-putting to people who don’t want to have to use it. A reusable application should have requirements that are as generic as possible, not based on a particular frontend framework.

So, although it means a little more work for you, you should also provide more generic frontend (templates, CSS etc) support for the application, and if you like, for other Boilerplates too.

At the very least, the developers who use your application will find it easier to create templates and static file for it that support their own frontend conventions if they can start with simple ones.

Aldryn Boilerplates

To make this easier, use the Aldryn Boilerplates application.

This provides support for multiple Boilerplates, allowing you to offer rich frontend machinery compatible with Aldryn Boilerplate Bootstrap3 for those who want it, and generic frontend files for those who don’t, in a way that the correct set will automatically be chosen.

You can also add support for other Boilerplates, by adding the frontend files to namespaced directories in your application. This example of an application named aldryn_addon mentions only templates for sake of simplicity, but the same principle applies to static files:

├─ templates/  # the generic templates
│  ├─ aldryn_addon/
│  └─ base.html
├─ boilerplates/  # templates for particular Boilerplates
│  └─ aldryn_boilerplate_bootstrap3/
│     └─ templates/
│        ├─ aldryn_addon/
│        └─ base.html
└─ some_other_boilerplate/
   └─ templates/
      ├─ aldryn_addon/
      └─ base.html

See Aldryn Boilerplates for more.