The Boilerplate ships pre-configured and runs out of the box if the Installation steps are followed properly. However most components can be freely configured.


The CMS allows for custom style sets within the editor. This ables the user to choose certain presets or colours. We already added the general Bootstrap utilities for you. The file can be found at: /static/js/addons/ckeditor.wysiwyg.js.


Custom Icons

We added support for custom icon-font generation through Gulp. There are some configuration steps required if you want to use them:

  1. Add your SVG fonts to /private/icons. Gulp gets all SVG files from the /private/icons/**/*.svg pattern and generates the fonts for you.
  2. Run gulp icons to generate the icon-font
  3. Uncomment // @import iconography; from /private/sass/layout/_all.scss to include it in your gulp build

The gulp icons command will automatically generate the /private/sass/layout/_iconography.scss file where you find the class reference and mixins for all icons.

The generated icon-font will use the .icon css namespace for all custom icons. We recommend using the icon(*) mixin instead of @extend .icon-*.