Integration Tests


The main configuration file to look at is /tests/protractor.conf.js. It configures our browserName.

In browserName we specify the browser that will be used to launch the tests. It can be set to phantomjs, firefox or chrome.

You can find more information about this in the protractor referenceConf.js documentation.

All spec files should be placed in /tests/integration/specs and all page object files should be in /tests/integration/pages. So, the file organisation structure is:

└─ integration/
   ├─ specs/
   │   ├─
   │   └─
   └─ pages/

The specs that will be launched are defined in the gulpfile.js. They can be specified using patterns:

return gulp.src([PROJECT_PATH.tests + '/integration/specs/*.js'])

By default all specs inside /tests/integration/specs folder will be launched.


Integration coverage is measured by the number of critical path or regression test cases that were automated. Keep in mind that the success of your project does not depend on the tests or the percentage of your code coverage, but it will improve maintenance and give you and other contributors more confidence in the quality of the product you produce. We should aim for the highest possible coverage and quality.