The Travis configuration is fairly straightforward. You can see our example configuration file for reference. The important point here is to add all your credentials using travis encrypt for security reasons.

You can install the travis command line tool by running gem install travis.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs helps us to run our unit and integration tests on multiple browsers.

When using our test suite locally, phantomjs is used in the interests of speed, especially on integration tests. However this does not test on real browsers, so is not comprehensive and various issues can slip through undetected. In order to provide real-browser test coverage, .travis.yml is configured to connect to Sauce Labs and run our test against a matrix of browsers.

For each new setup you need to adapt the env: global: variables by adding:

travis encrypt SAUCE_USERNAME={USER} --add
travis encrypt SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY={TOKEN} --add

Where {USER} represents the sub-account user name and {TOKEN} the sub-account token.

See the example .travis.yml:

  • the first secure line in env: global: represents encrypted Sauce Labs sub-account user name
  • the second secure line stands for encrypted Sauce Labs sub-account token
  • the third secure line is the encrypted Code Climate token


To get the correct status image from Sauce Labs you will have to create sub-accounts for each project. Otherwise, all tests will share the same badge.

We set up the configuration files to skip Sauce Connect when you test locally; these tests will only run on Travis.

Browser Matrix

You can configure the browser matrix within /tests/base.conf.js. There is an elegant platform configurator available to you if you want to add more browsers.

Code Climate

We also support Code Climate to show the current coverage status. You simple need to import your project and add the appropriate repo token:

travis encrypt CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN={TOKEN} --add

Where {TOKEN} represents the key from Code Climate.


You can use Coveralls as an alternative to show the current coverage status. You simply need to import your project and Karma will take care of the rest.